How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 In 11 Steps

done1. The first thing to do is download Chainfire CF-Autoroot (from their official site) for Samsung Galaxy S6, unzip the files and save them to the folder you want. Reptimos: This is valid for all ROMs, official or modified.

2. Get ODIN v1.87
However, you can also use an higher or earlier versions. If you have any problems when Odin recognizes the connected phone, try a different version.

3. Turn off the phone
The phone will then start itself in Download Mode. To do this we have to press the Volume Down button, the Home button and the Power button until you see the Android robot and a triangle appearing on the screen.. Then, to confirm the operation, you must press the VOLUME UP button.

4. Make sure that you installed the USB Drivers from Samsung correctly on your computer.

5. Open the ODIN program and connect your phone to your PC while the device remains in download mode.

6. If the terminal is connected properly, one yellow box should appear ID: COM in ODIN with the number of the COM port. This may take a few minutes. Once it turns yellow, we can continue the process.

7. Then we select the CF-Autoroot of Chainfire and store files you downloaded in the first step. Now, do the following: press PDA in ODIN and select the “file CF-Root-jflte Self-jfltexx-gti9505 zip.

8. In the left part of the screen ODIN, you should see Auto Reboot. WARNING: MAKE SURE THAT THE ITEM IS RE-PARTITION OFF.

9. It is time to press the Start button located in the middle right part of ODIN. This will start the process on our Samsung Galaxy S6, so patience is recommended as it can take several minutes.

10. Once completed, the terminal will automatically restart in Recovery Mode to install the files to root Galaxy S6 (do not touch anything). The box ID: COM in ODIN will have turned green, indicating that everything went as it should.

11. The phone will start and once you see the home screen of your device, this will disconnect the Samsung Galaxy S6 computer. Afterward, you will have completed the process successfully and you should now have the Galaxy S6 Root and you’re good to go!

If you get that message, then it means that you previously learned to root Samsung Galaxy S6, and that you applied it thus you have superuser permissions already. The application icon in the application menu is displayed on the phone. In case you want to check that it is really so, there is an application that can say if your device is rooted or not. This is called Root Checker. If the process failed, you just have to repeat all the steps one by one.

From here you can leave the phone with root installed benefiting from all its advantages. However, if you plan to install a custom firmware, go to our next tutorial.

Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge In A Breeze!

edgeIf tomorrow or the next day you plan to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, certainly you’ll be pleased to know that the developer already published Chainfire CF-Root-Auto, file through which allows us to root this device without any trouble at all. In fact, we have already made AndroidPIT the root to the international version of the S6 (edge) and in the next tutorial we explain how.

IMPORTANT: This process increases the counter and affects flashes KNOX, so the warranty expires.

When you root there may be risks. If the steps are followed there should be no problem. If I had, I and we are not responsible. This tutorial is ONLY valid for you to learn how to root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The process can be risky to perform. Make sure to do proper research on how to root Galaxy s6 before proceeding!

Normally this type of method does not usually affect root user data or applications, but if you’re not sure, it is highly recommended that you back up your files.

NOTE: Please read well and be warned about this process. As always, I will try to help with everything in my knowledge, but I will not answer comments that is already explained in the article or other comments. Make sure that you download all files from this link, or download them from XDA.

A computer with Windows XP from.
A USB cable.
A root Galaxy S6 edge method along with the actual device in its international version with the battery charged at least 51%.
The CF-Root file is what you will find in this thread on XDA Developers to download. Within that zip file is included Odin program.

Step 1 – Prepare all files

The kltexx-file has to be extracted with WinRAR program type. I recommend creating a folder named SGS6 on your desktop and extract them there.

Step 2 – Prepare ODIN

Once we have the files ready, it should ensure that our computer detects the Samsung Galaxy S5. To do this, we need to have the two devices connected and we hope to recognize it. Otherwise, make sure the USB cable you are using is the original. If it is still not recognizing, try the Samsung KIES program. However, before you start the process make sure the program is closed.

Open Odin by double clicking the exe file and once opened press “Reset”. In the PDA box add the first CF-Auto-Root file, which ends .tar.md5 format.

Step 3 – Start it up in download mode to finalize the Galaxy S6 Edge root.

To turn the device into download mode, you have to press both the Volume Down button + Home + On / Off. We will get a screen as in the image above, to accept we have to press volume up. Once this is done, we just have to connect it to your computer via USB. The Odin program will recognize.

If everything is as seen in the picture, it is time to press the “Start” button. Once the process has been completed, the phone will restart.

Do not disconnect until Odin says green PASS!

Congratulations you managed to root S6 edge! Now you can use applications with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge root, uninstall other serial and more.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Root And Knox – Will It Be Tripped?

knoxKnox, the new safety system of Android 6.0 Samsung can be removed easily.

What is Knox? Well, as the headline says is a new program that is installed in Android 6.0 on Samsung Galaxy S6. It functions as an alert that gives notification on whether or not the Root has made modifications to the original version of Android 6.0

Currently it is possible to remove it completely, by rooting Galaxy S6. So that if we need to bring the device to the SAT for any reason you would realize the changes made, but yes, for now there is no guarantee that Knox rejected for not having installed. Loss guarantee such terminals is closer than ever to becoming reality. Although it is likely that within a couple of months someone will find a way to bypass this barrier, such as the programmer who discovered how to remove this security system.

Knox can void the warranty of your device just as rooting does so you need to make sure that before you install any custom Rom modified or recovery, you have already uninstalled the tool and you can do it by following this tutorial I’ll leave then.

Next Step

We will have root access on your mobile phone or Root to continue, otherwise it will not be cleared Knox. In this post you will see how to Root Samsung Galaxy S6, if you have a Note 2 to Note 3, the process is similar.
Us with Root Explorer is not free but I’m sure if you look a little Google bound to find something, or if you agree to pay the € 3.59 better for the developer of the app.
Once installed on your device, what we will do is open the application and go to System / App route
Inside that directory we click where it says “Mount R / W” and accept superuser permissions it is asking us.
We select the following files

After selecting all the files above, you can eliminate them by simply pressing the trash icon. Reboot the device and Knox should have disappeared from our terminal, either a Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 2 to Note 3.

I hope you liked this tutorial to root S6 and aid the KNOX issue, I leave the links of Google Play the Root Explorer application, both the free version as payment. Beware of the freebies that have not been tested whether they work or not!

How To Root Galaxy S6 Using Cf-Auto-Root’s Custom Kernel

Android guru Chainfire equips the original Samsung stock kernel with the Galaxy S6 root, including with Busybox and CWM.

Usually Custom-kernels provide a wealth of features, tweaks and minor improvements. In many cases, however, this leads to a poor stability if the settings are not applied correctly and/or carefully. Rooting veteran Chainfire offers the “CF-Root kernel” for the Samsung Galaxy S6’s stock kernel, he even has expanded the root by only giving root access with Busybox and ClockworkMod Recovery, which are both very popular.

The kernel therefore exclusively supports Stock ROMs – ie ROMs that are based on the original Samsung firmware. It is important to make sure with the installation, that you download the correct version of the kernel for your S2. To do this, the kernel version of your smartphone under “Settings | About phone” and then select the appropriate kernel from the manufacturer’s website.


Conclusion: The “CF-Root Custom Kernel” is aimed primarily at newcomers to the Android scene. According to the kernel but it does not provide all the necessary features to customize the system as desired, confused, with countless settings and features.

Why root? Rooting Galaxy S6 gives you a great amount of advantages which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to have. Rooting is not just for fun, it gives you great power to get more out of your device, which you paid a lot of money for. Therefore we can only suggest to keep pushing for root access, you’ll be blown away, TRUST ME.

Note: When clicking the download link you will be directed to the manufacturer page where you can download the latest version of the kernel.

Caution: Any interference into the system or the use of non-officially released firmware can mean the loss of warranty for your Samsung Galaxy S6. All procedures are performed at your own risk and we are not responsible for the outcome of it.

Root Samsung Galaxy S6 By Using Odin!

cfThe following will show you how to root Galaxy S6 with success. It’s good to point out that the steps below are easy to perform. If you’re daunted of rooting, then please don’t do it. Always be certain the you take the correct steps and that you’re confident enough in performing them correctly.

What to do:

Let the Galaxy S6 just hang on to your computer via USB, and make sure you enable USB debugging. It must also be started up completely in Android’s main interface before continuing.

Firstly, make sure to learn how to root S6 and then to download the software. Once downloaded, then start it up.

  1. Select the second option: Rooting Options (type 2 and then press Enter)
  2. Choose the third option ALLINONE (3 and press Enter)
  3. Choose what recovery solution you want: 1 for CWM or 2 for TWRP Touch Recovery (I would personally go for one, but the choice is harmless as both will work)
  4. Confirm by typing yes then press Enter
  5. Odin will now start up the next tool.
  6. In Odin, under Options you should check that Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are ticked. The rest should be unchecked.
  7. On the right in Odin, put a check mark next to PDA and click the PDA button.
  8. By default, the toolkit copied the necessary files to C: \Samsung Galaxy S6\Toolkit\root. Browse to this folder and then select the boot-insecure-xxalj1-cwm-n7100.tar file.
  9. Caution! This file is dependent on the choice you made in the beginning when the toolkit opened, and may differ from what I am saying here. Look in the toolkit at point 2 which file you need to take!
  10. Verify that the path to this tar file is filled at the right side of the PDA button.
  11. Click Start to begin.
  12. Your phone will reboot several times, and you will see all kinds of things on your computer screen that are happening. Let everything just walk, and touch nothing. Do not interrupt the process! Also be certain that you never unplug the USB cable from your phone or computer before the S6 root has completed.
  13. When the far left at the top of Odin Pass stands in a green square, then it is ready and you may close it by pressing in Odin at the bottom right side on the Exit button. As long as you do not see the Exit button Odin is not ready yet!
  14. The tool itself is now still do a few things, just let it do so until prompted ‘Press any key to continue’. You can then close the tool and you can disconnect your Note 2 from the computer.

This procedure should be done only 1 time. Once you have root access and recovery installed, this is forever so unless you are going to do something like a firmware update (from 4.3 to 4.4.2 for example) a rollback will occur but that is a process in itself, so it does not just happen ‘by accident’.

What are the Requirements to Root Galaxy S6

Note: The Samsung Galaxy S6 root can be done, but then you lose access to KNOX (normally the KNOX status (shown in Download Mode) will stand. To 0×1). If you want continue to use KNOX, then don’t continue with this.

Because I had to find a guide for rooting Galaxy S6 with download links, I had the idea to disseminate the information myself. So here is my first how-to!

Note: Rooting Samsung Galaxy S6 may damage your device (irreparable). The probability of this is small though. If there is an error in your phone and it is because of rooting and you send it in for repair before, is not covered under warranty. However hardware failures are still under warranty. We are not liable for any damages.

The 4.3 root happens with the Odin program. You must have a European device, so a 600 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm (Which Galaxy S6 has).


For rooting:

– Ensure a good backup, this can be done with the SELECT Samsung program (or any other depending on what phone you use). I myself have had no problems, but the chances are that you will lose all your data and files are always there.
– A charged battery is required. The unit needs to be recharged. Least 80%
– You must have a Windows PC.
– The USB drivers must be installed, this can be done by hitting “CHOOSE” via the Odin program.
– Enable USB debugging. Go to Settings >> About phone, and then there hit 7x on the Build number. Then go to Settings >> Applications >> Development and check USB debugging on.
– Now you can get your USB cable pack (if you have not yet downloaded it).

So that are the requirements for you to start the Samsung Galaxy s6 root. Be it 6.0, 5.0 it can be rooted, but you got to do it quick before it gets patched.